There are new Sounds arising in Europe today: songs of worship and praise are breaking through and echoes from heaven are being released across the nations.

« Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth…The Lord will march out like a champion, like a warrior he will stir up his zeal; with a shout he will raise the battle cry and will triumph over his enemies. » (Isaiah 42:10, 13).

As a House of Prayer located in the European quarter of Brussels, we are hosting TheSound event which will coincide with the Feast of Tabernacles (Deut 16:13-15)
Come and join with us for eight days of extravagent praise and worship in the heart of Europe as we sing, prophesy and make a joyful noise, declaring that God’s Kingdom is near!
We will gather in the House of prayer in the mornings and evenings, and go out into the streets of the European Quarter in the afternoons. We aim to maintain a rhythm of day and night worship in the House of Prayer throughout the eight days, as we raise up an altar of worship to Jesus, the King!
We invite you to join with us and others from different nations, together calling out to God for His Presence to come and change the atmosphere in Brussels and Europe.

Bob Jones, a respected prophet, prophesied earlier this year that praise will be the key for releasing breakthrough and revival in Europe, and we believe that there is an urgent call to stand for Europe today.

Please consider partnering with us financially so that we can pay the expenses of worship teams travelling from other nations to be here. (More details below)

If you are part of a worship team in your church or house of prayer, and would like to lead worship during the event then please let us know!

Together we can make this happen!


The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is associated with the end of year harvest when Israel entered the Promised Land, and became known as the ‘Festival of Ingathering’ (of the harvest). (Deut 16:13-15)

In the same way we believe that October 8th-16th will be a significant time of joyfully celebrating all that God has done, and proclaiming what He will do across Europe. This will be a time of releasing breakthrough for the harvest in Europe (Matt. 9:37-38, John 4:35) and joyfully entering in to the Promised land of our inheritance in Christ. (Ps 37:29)
A recent prophetic word from Bonnie Jones talks about the significance of October 16th 2014 and the coming harvest (http://bobjones.org/index.cfm?zone=/Docs/Words%20of%202014/2014-08B_KathrynKuhlman.htm)

Brussels House of Prayer is located in the European Quarter of the city, a few hundred metres from the main EU Institutions (Commission, Council and Parliament). This is in addition to various embassies, the biggest mosque in Belgium and the European Jewish synagogue. Brussels is significant as the ‘Capital of Europe’ and is therefore a place of great spiritual contention.



OCTOBER 8th – 16th 2014

Location -Brussels House of Prayer,

Boulevard Charlemagne 37  1000 Brussels

Worship And Prayer Sessions


Every Day @ 8.00-10.00 am


Wednesday 8th @ 19h00-21h30

Thursday 9th @ 10h00-12h00 / @ 19h00-21h30

Friday 10th @ 10h00-12h00 / @ 19h00-21h30

Saturday 11th @ 10h00-22h00 (location to be confirmed)

Sunday 12th @ 19h00-21h30

Monday 13th @ 10h00-12h00 / @ 19h00-21h30

Tuesday 14th @ 10h00-12h00 / @ 19h00-21h30

Wednesday 15th @ 10h00-12h00 / @ 19h00-21h30

Thursday 16th @ 10h00-12h00


Between these sessions we aim to have continuous worship and prayer in the Bhop throughout the event.



Worship and prayer walking around the European Quarter. ‘Treasure hunting’


Small groups will go into the European Parliament (registration required)

Thursday 9th @ 13h30

Friday 10th @ 12h30

Monday 13th @ 13h30

Tuesday 14th @ 13h30

Wednesday 15th @ 13h30





We would like to pay expenses for worship teams coming to Brussels from other nations.

Please consider partnering with us in this, and to cover other costs involved with the event.

Thank you !


There is accommodation available locally.

Contact us for further information.

Parking is available outside the House of Prayer, you need to buy a ticket from the machine. Free parking is available in the Parc Cinquantenaire.